Sunday, March 1, 2009

Congratulations Tom!

Congratulations Tom Dowd for your endless efforts in raising money for the St. Baldrick's event for kids with cancer! I can't wait to hear the final tally and get a glimpse of you BALD one more time. WAY TO GO!

We had a crazy weekend here at the Raleigh retail store! Joe DiGiulio taught his two day "Exploring Mixed Media Abstractions". The students were doing alot of painting in the classroom and coming out with some great pieces! Oh so colorful!
Take a look...

I had a "Free Photo Transfer Demo" and had quite the turn out! Thank you to all who attended. I did find out that the Laser print worked out just great. Again, I think it has everything to do with the toner...Thanks PD for the image and suggestion!

And today, Wyn Easton is offering a FREE DEMO on oil painting with his favorite Lukas 1862 Oils. He'll be here until 4pm, so come on by before all the snow starts falling! You don't need milk and bread anyway! Stock up on your supplies so you can PAINT!

Thanks and see you next time.

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