Tuesday, February 10, 2009

St. Baldrick's Day!

David Goldstein, CEO of Jerry's Artarama has pledged to match the next thousand dollars we raise for St. Baldrick's day ! Now is the time. If you have not made a tax-deductible donation yet, please go to http://www.teamhardy.org/ and make a donation that you can afford! Even ONE DOLLAR will help . We all know that times are tough. The economy is in a slump and many of us are hurting finanically. Take one day and don't buy a cup of coffee or a pack of gum...donate that dollar and make a difference!

Every year I hear from people whose lives have been touched by cancers, non-hogkins lymphoma, neuroblatoma, breast cancer, pancratic cancer, prostate...the list goes on forever. As one of my donors this year told me just the other day "No parent should have to know the pain of losing a child...no matter the cause."

Together, we can change this. Imagine your one dollar funding more research, making us closer to a cure, saving just one life in the future, helping a scientist to find a way to make a treatment less painful. As adults we know pain. We know what we can handle and we know how to overcome. When a young person is diagnosed, they may not know how to handle it. A two year old can barely communicate, much less understand why they have to go to the hospital yet again.

Join me please. Give one dollar! With the match...you are giving two . Give what you can afford today. Let your friends and family know about what we are doing together and let's get that next thousand and turn it into two thousand...I need your help! Go to Teamhardy.org and click on my head to donate!

Love and light, Tom Dowd

Jerry's Artarama Raleigh Store Manager

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